Slow Roast & Hold Cabinets

BevLes Slow Roast & Hold Ovens allow you to achieve natural caramelization and succulent, tender texture through sophisticated slow roasting technology.  Our ovens also save energy with convenient labor-saving overnight cooking that uses a timer or food probe that automatically switches the oven to the holding cycle.  Food safety is enhanced with audible and visual alarms indicating high and low oven temperatures, power loss, and more. 

 Tender Select Series: Roast & Hold Ovens

Stainless steel exterior and interior with fully insulated top, sides and doors.
A 2-quart water pan provides operator with humidity for longer hold times. User friendly, top-mounted solid state controls with Internal Temperature Cooking Probe available as an option. Gentle convection heating system utilizes side-to-side even air flow for superior results.


Models: HRHR74P34, HRHR74W12, HRHR44P16, HRHR44W6, HRHR34P12, HRHR34W5, HRHR82P34 & HRHR82W12


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